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  • Posted 17 hours ago

    Saturday October 4th morning trip is now open. Message me if you are interested in booking.

  • Posted 2 days ago

    Thanks Ray. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

  • Posted 2 days ago
    3 photos

    What do you know another day with bright sun :(. A good bite for a couple hours for Garry and Harvey. Bright sun and it was over. Tough year but we are getting good fish everyday. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted 3 days ago
    3 photos

    A very productive morning for the worst conditions ever. Bright sun, 67 degree water temp, no flow, and big crowds. Tough going so far this salmon season. But still LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

    • Melissa Lepard Where is your picture Mark Minard
    • Dave Hall is it even high enough to get to the power house? looks like your way down.
  • Posted 5 days ago
    4 photos

    Ray and Seth worked hard and came through with their limit today. If you work hard getting a good drift with no slack they can be captured. My rain dance is definitely not working this year. 😁. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

    • Ken Bak nice job guys!!
    • Gerald Schiavo Nice job guys, Kevin too!
    • Ken Paula Hemshrot Hooooyaaa!!!!
    • Billy Varley Some monsters
    • Phil Janeiro Hey was that cheap shot about slack works for some of us anybody can catch 14 salmon let's see them hook catfish lol
    • Catch the Drift Phil it didn't matter what you did. They just kept attaching to your hook. Lucky Phil. 😜😜
    • Billy Varley Cat fish are just as easy cut some sunnys up and put it on the bottom you actually have to know what your doing to catch salmon the right way they do bite
    • Phil Janeiro It was a joke there bill caught catfish salmon fishing
    • Kevin Brown Some nice ones there.
    • Todd S Peirce nice ones see you in a few days I will be on the rocks throwing hotntots till the dang snaggers come
  • Posted 5 days ago

    Seth with an amazingly fresh king. End of September-river- should not be that silver. Slow fishing but grinding some out. LOCKEDSTRONG. !!!!!

  • Posted 7 days ago

    Tomorrow am opened up if anyone wants to try for some kings last minute.

    • Gerald Schiavo Time for me to move closer. If only I could convince the wife!
    • Nick Savage Do you have any openings in Mid November this year?
    • Catch the Drift Nick nothing at all right now. I keep getting cancellations so you never know.
    • Marcin Peszawa Can I have it bbq ed pleaseee ;ppp
    • Nick Savage Right on, I'm back in NH on Nov 10th. Anytime after that and I can be in Oswego in 9 hours, just let me know!
    • Adam Niedhammer How's it been mAybe I will
    • Larry Muroski any perch i'll go
    • Tim DiNoto Just got home from Norwich! I would have stayed damit!
    • Tim DiNoto John Detweiler you guys might want to try to fill this Kevin will put you on fish
    • Theo Lander I just saw the post...S--- . Next time PM me when you get a opening and we will take it.
  • Posted 8 days ago
    2 photos

    Kevin and his son with a couple nice kings this morning. Tough conditions continue, but we are getting our chances at them. If they would of stayed on we would of had tonnage. Good job guys. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒLOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!!!!!

    • Larry Muroski no rain in the forecast boooooooooooooo
    • Kevin Brown Kevin you're a true professional and I was lucky to have the opportunity to fish with you! I'm looking forward to getting out again either in the river or on the lake!
  • Posted 9 days ago
    2 photos

    Gerald takes the pressure off early with a couple nice ones. Can the water get any lower. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!

    • George Tiger Careful what you ask for
    • Mark Currie Kevin, you need to take a sick day with all that low water and come up north. Just hammering the Sturgeon here!
    • Catch the Drift Don't tempt me Mark. How big are they ?
    • Mark Currie Kevin Only catching little ones like these! Mark Sent from Windows Mail
    • Steven Day Sure it can, its Salmon season
    • Howard Deuitch Nice
  • Posted 10 days ago
    4 photos

    Holy cow has the fishing gone to challenging. Charles and Rich fished hard to come up with a few nice fish though. Huge crowds, tons of boats and nice weather, we had it all against us. LOCKEDSTRONG. !!!!!!

  • Posted 11 days ago
    3 photos

    Well it was fun while the water lasted. 1300cfs today we have to earn every fish. Had our shots at them this morning but only landed 3 so far. Bright sun plus low water equals tough fishing. Still LOCKEDSTRONG though !!!!!!!!!

    • Phil Janeiro Wow doesn't look anything like we'd
    • Catch the Drift Yep. Dropped 3 feet Phil.
    • Brent Turner any one know where a guy can get a complete bank fishing salmon pole reel combo for a decent price and what do u really have to have as far as rod lenght
    • Joe Sokolowski Need to post a video when the action pick up.
  • Posted 12 days ago
    2 photos

    The morning bite was crazy today. Got what we needed and headed to the ramp at 830. Water levels dropping fast, hope there is some left for the weekend. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!!

    • Brent Turner are they still good to eat this time of year??
    • Catch the Drift Some people love them, some get them smoked and some hate them. Everyone is different.
    • Jeff Proctor Kev..if I wear a pfd can I fish the center wall.? Or is that out of bounds now...I miss being able to go out there...a lot of fun out there...
  • Posted 13 days ago
    7 photos

    I don't know where the water came from, but they turned a couple turbines on. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. A good bite early then we earned them the rest of the trip. Got our biggest catfish ever today. 14 1/2 pounds. You never know what your going to get. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!

  • Posted 13 days ago

    Phil with a nice early season rainbow. Released to fight another day.

  • Posted 15 days ago

    Just had tomorrow morning open up if anyone wants a last minute salmon trip. Message me or call. 3155910151.

    • Neil Shattuck Oh Kevin! You're killin me!!! I want to go but have serious obligations, keep me posted. I will fill one of these shortly!
    • Toby Ethier See had I got a phone call like back in the day, I would have been up there buddy.
  • Posted 15 days ago
    2 photos

    Good bite early, but then it died with the bright sun. Great first day back on the river. The rain dance has begun. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!!!

    • Jason Aiken What river is that
    • Brent Turner have any thursday avaliable still??
    • Catch the Drift Oswego River. No Thursday Brent.
    • Jason Aiken Awesome.I troll just west of there Friday and no kings.but got a hog of a small mouth.
    • Jason Kidd Anything still in the lake? I'm going this weekend again don't know if I should try outa sodus I know things are a little later there
    • Catch the Drift Some Jason we had 3 kings and 2 cohos yesterday in the lake. Everything seems to be spread out bad. No concentration.
    • Rob Landis KWIK FISH lure ?
    • Thomas Hallen yakima bait company Maglip
    • Jason Aiken That's what we were seeing.not a thing.I wish they were gathered up.I would have loved to hook a couple monsters.but the smallmiuth was about 6lbs.
    • Eric Hulette dance hard......not seeing much in the long range. :(
    • Eric Llewellyn Cody Kyle James
    • Jd Pirog Bill Hebert
    • Brent Turner besides this weekend or nxt monday or wednesday do you have any avaliable days
    • Cody Armanini That's right by the hotel Eric
    • Thomas James Wow! Beautiful fish, Great pic! Way to go guys. GOD BLESS KEVIN DAVIS
  • Posted 15 days ago

    LOCKED !!!!!! Good to be back. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!!

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