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  • Posted 21 hours ago

    Kevin and Bob having some good luck. A good mix of Browns, rainbows, steelhead and a few salmon. We even captured the elusive fantail rainbow. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. My Scan is tomorrow hoping for some good news. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 2 days ago

    Nibble, nibble for Rich and his Dad. A great time with decent weather for once. Some nice quality fish. Even I captured one πŸ˜ƒ. Thanks Rich. Another CTDDDD. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 4 days ago

    Just had tomorrow open up if anyone is interested in a last minute trip. Message me or call cell. 3155910151.

    • Mark Woodman Sweet pic capt
    • Neil Shattuck Wish i could say yes, but have other plans.
    • Catch the Drift Had a group take it.
    • Chris Hadgkiss Hey maybe you guys in NY can help us down in CT. Short notice but they are closing a world renowned hatchery
    • Kurt G. Miller It figures that politicians take money from outdoors people and will probably satisfy their own selfish self serving wants.
  • Posted 4 days ago

    A very relaxing day with Tom and Bill. We had bites in every spot we fished. Got some lost some. πŸ˜ƒ Thanks Zack for the jigs. An easy CTDDDD. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 5 days ago

    No Bananas today. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. Beautiful morning on the Oswego with Tom and Bill. Released to fight another day.

  • Posted 5 days ago

    The Oswego remains day to day, we just need some warmer weather. Terry and Jason fished hard hooking a bunch, if only the bananas weren't on the boat. 😁😁. At least it was above freezing today. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Larry Leight Was there any other mishaps due to the dreaded banana being on board. Because by the photos it seems you ,BUSTED, that myth.
  • Posted 6 days ago

    0 for 3 to start the morning then I figured out why. Terry brought bananas on purpose. 😁😁😁. He said he wanted to make me work today.

  • Posted 6 days ago

    River dropping, river rising, river dropping. We couldn't keep up with all the fluctuations today. Damon and Bruce ended up hooking a bunch, but a lot of them didn't make it to the boat. At least the weather was better today. All released to fight another day.

    • Steve Bowman Water turned to chocolate milk this afternoon while I was there and they damn nearly shut the water off watched the water drop almond a foot in 45 min to and hour
    • Steve Bowman Smh
    • Catch the Drift Great. Tough day tomorrow 😁😁
    • Steve Bowman Yeah concidering I fished all the spots in the harbor and didn't even have a float drop not good
    • Trophy Trout Nation keep it up!
  • Posted 7 days ago

    A nice relaxing day for Randy and Rick. Ten degrees with no wind felt like a heat wave compared to the last couple days. Not a ton of fish around, but some nice quality today. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 8 days ago

    I'm thinking this season is like the movie Groundhog Day. Brutal cold and wind again and again. 😁😁. Sean and Chris hung tough capturing a few today. So cold we dreaded even handling the fish. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Kurt G. Miller Always a pleasure checking on your trips. Nice going.
  • Posted 10 days ago

    Toby and Heather toughed out the brutal cold and had a decent day on the Oswego. More ice and more boards broke off the dam. πŸ˜” All released to fight another day. Another CTDDDD. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 11 days ago

    Tough day for Frank and Johney. Hard south winds and snow made it tough to get the right drift. Hope you feel better Johney. Still waiting for nice weather to get here. I have Had enough snow, wind and cold for one season. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 12 days ago
    • Sean Ryan Captain Kevin will put you on the fish every time, the guy is an absolute savage
    • Seth Coon Kevin Davis could find a steelhead in the backseat of your car. Absolutely unbelievable skill and knowledge.
  • Posted 12 days ago

    Paul and his son Zack with a cold day on the Oswego. A sloooow bite compared to the last couple days. We had to switch up many offerings to get them. Paul with a very impressive brown trout. Another CTDDDD. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 13 days ago

    I'm ready for warmer weather anytime. 12 degrees to start the day. 😁😁

  • Posted 13 days ago

    A slower day for Mike but managed some trophy rainbows. Big fish Mike. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒThe fish were definitely sluggish compared to yesterday. Another CTDDDD plus. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015

    • Howard Shapses Good job Kevin
    • Mark Woodman Sweet
    • Michael Byrne and how fun Andy was there too.... Noway I was going to tell two Oswego guides I was a little chilly. Great time, warm memories!!!
  • Posted 15 days ago

    One of the best Steelhead days of the season for Mike. The water came up and the bite was on. The quality of fish today was totally amazing. An easy CTDDDD plus many more. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Steven Day Looks like the icy grip is starting to let go , here come the silver Bullets
    • Steven Day Time gets us all
    • Michael Byrne Best day ever bro... biggest steelies I ever caught! Thanks!!!
    • Brooks DiDonato Nice fish!
    • Michael Krueger Awesome some big fish!
    • Phil Labrecque Wow Mike... You are having an awesome trip..nice to see you having so much fun. Good for you Mike. Beautiful fish. 🎣
    • Ryan Goodrow Those are some nice Steelies.
    • Michael Byrne Really Kevin, I think to some extent we all take your granted... You got it going on A to Z; incredible guide!
    • Rich Wojciechowski Wow nice fish Kevin
  • Posted 15 days ago

    Hey Danny your float is down. Lol. Fun day with Danny and Matt. Lots of bites and lots of laughs. Another CTDDDD plus many more. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Mark Minard see harbor opened a little more...also looked like a small lake brown..
    • Catch the Drift Starting to break up some Mark.
    • Rich Wojciechowski It's amazing how many nice Browns are in that river Kevin. Hope all is well.
  • Posted 16 days ago

    You never know what you will get in Oswego. Bonus laker for Danny to start the day.

  • Posted 16 days ago

    I guess it's just never going to get warm. Snow and heavy winds to start our morning off. The fish really didn't care though. Kevin and Bob with constant action the entire trip. An easy Catch the Drift Double Digit Day plus many more. All released to fight another day πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. LOCKEDSTRONG. #Pautzkefiredye.

    • Benjamin Andrus had a scary day up there I was the guy wading up in the red jacket early on... looked across the river and saw 2 guys floating down stream struggling to make it back to shore across the river....Life jackets may have saved them today
    • Catch the Drift I saw them walk up there. Pretty crazy walking around with all the ice right now.
    • Benjamin Andrus I spent like 15 mins and said enough... They were way up top and fell in and drifted a good 500 ft shoulder deep! And continued to fish after... I though I was going to witness a death
    • Michael Andrews Damn Kev you are the man, and those guys who fell in are lucky they didn't drown! Matthew Andrews and I stopped there Sat caught a couple Browns. Thanks again for showing us the ropes! You're a helluva guide!
    • Joey G Rob Haskins
    • Rob Haskins Wow
    • Rob Haskins Matthew Trombley
    • Rob Haskins Oswego river? Is that on the wall?
    • Shane Muckey after today, below normal temps threw april 10th, ..
    • Shane Muckey i'm doomed then it will flip to 80 degrees and flood me.
    • Shane Muckey yeah i'm not lookin forward too it.
  • Posted 17 days ago

    Top o the mornin to Ya.

  • Posted 18 days ago

    The Canadians with a nice relaxing day on the Oswego River. The fish were pretty picky, but we managed to capture quite a few. We even broke ice for 40 minutes, clearing some new area to fish tomorrow. An easy CTDDDD plus many more. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 18 days ago

    Just call him Lucky Bob. Every spot we fished Bob was LOCKED πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. A cold start to the morning, but beautiful by 10. Kevin finally captured a bunch later in the day. An easy CTDDDD for Bob alone. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

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