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  • Posted 1 day ago

    Last minute cancellation for tomorrow and Thursday in anyone can pull it. Steelhead, rainbows, Browns and kings. Message or call if interested. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

  • Posted 2 days ago
    13 photos

    Can u say rainbow central. What beautiful fish. All released to fight another day. An easy CTDDDDWLC. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Posted 4 days ago
    7 photos

    Guys cancelled this morning at 330am. That was just wonderful. Kevin and Bob called at 10 saying that they would go. Our first cast was at 1045 and it was constant action. The worst part of the day with a Catch the Drift Double Digit Day +++. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!

    • Gerald Schiavo Another hunchback in the mix.
    • Josh Hogan Nice work Kevin. Looks like they are starting to darken up a bit. Someone missed out on one hell of a trip.
    • Andy Pisarcik that should have been us!
    • Marcie Miller Thanks for the information on the rainbows and Atlantics. I'd rather have more steelhead too! Two more weeks till I can get up there. Hopefully, I'll hook up with steel down river or in the lake/harbor. Good job Kevin! Thanks again.
  • Posted 5 days ago
    6 photos

    Kevin and Bob with their usual trip with many attachments. Just a ton of rainbows around. I many have to advertise Atlantic salmon trips catching another one today. Second picture. The hen to go with the male from yesterday. A very easy CTDDD plus many more. All released to fight another day.

    • Bob Pultorak Good job again Kev
    • Steven Day Don't worry the ropers well 10 o the Rainbows tomorrow
    • Neil Shattuck Beautiful day for fishing and a ton of beautiful fish!!
    • Jack Mings Poor steelies with the boga grips :/
    • James Vogel Better than being dropped on floor by clients!
    • Cody Armanini Agreed jack those boga grips are harmful to fish even if released.
    • Kurt G. Miller Hi Kevin. Why are people down on the Atlantics? Do they spawn more than one time? I'm counting the days till the 7th. I'll be watching your always. Seems to be a lot more rainbows than I'm used to hearing about. How long have they been around in good numbers?
    • Catch the Drift The thing with Atlantics they cost a lot of money to raise and you never get a good return. So lots of people think they are a waste of money. I think they are a cool fish but agree with most that the money could be used for more steelhead or brown trout. And yes probably the most rainbows I have seen in many years. Very few steelhead but it's early.
  • Posted 6 days ago

    Got an exotic today. Can you name this fish ?

  • Posted 7 days ago
    10 photos

    Joe and Justin LOCKED them up today. An easy Catch The Drift Double Digit Day plus many more. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

    • Justin Baldwinson Thanks Kevin!!!
    • Terri Hendricks Nice catch!
    • Mautaga Ae Nice to see a brown!! They've been a rare commodity!!
    • Shane Muckey Oneida dumping 5 grand, Seneca 2 grand, got 7 grand headed your way.
    • Michael Kelly Davies Nice job Justin!!!!
    • Catch the Drift Saw it Shane. Thanks, I check the gage you sent me all the time now.
    • Justin Baldwinson The barometric pressure gauge lol
    • Mark Woodman How's the smaller run this ur
    • Tony Filipponi That some nice fish
    • Kevin Brown Yeah baby! Nice1!
    • Donna Adams Cool
    • Neil Shattuck Very Productive day!
    • Dan Lussier Thanks for your catch and release program Kevin. We need more people like you.
    • Darren Bishop Catch n release ?? Great job guys !! Not many like yas !!!
    • Kurt G. Miller Hey Kevin, Been fishing up there since the mid 70's with Tommy Germain and they did the same thing with the water even back then. The city did very little to cater to the fish heads. The wall could have been made to be more fisherman friendly years ago. Install places to land fish, maybe even put some type of bridge to get on and off the middle wall. The influx from fishermen to the economy could be so much better if they would look out for the shore guys and drift boaters as well. No water could be helpful for me when I come up in two weeks. I don't have a drift boat, but fish the harbor, mouth, and lower river. Thanks for all the good information!
  • Posted 8 days ago
    7 photos

    Jeff and Garry with a variety catch. Kings, steelhead and rainbows. My water has left the building. 😩😩. They drained Oneida lake for a few days now back to no water. Rain dance is back and I may have to sacrifice something also. You know Eric. πŸ˜‰. LOCKEDSTRONG!!!!!!

    • Mark Woodman Sacrifice the shrimp
    • Kevin Brown Nice
    • Ken Paula Hemshrot Chrome city!
    • Eric Hulette I think its time. Especially with November 3rd and 4th coming fast.LOL! ;)
    • Mark Minard Nice looking chrome and also that king in the boat looked like a pretty fresh one...
    • Catch the Drift Sacrifice the shrimp right in my mouth Woody.
    • Catch the Drift Freshest king in three weeks Mark.
    • Mark Woodman We can bleed jerry out on the front of the boat
    • Neil Shattuck Very nice kevin.
    • James Swearingen Wheres the rainbows.....there steelhead and kings?
    • Catch the Drift Second picture in is a rainbow.
    • Catch the Drift Plus a ton of skippy rainbows.
    • James Swearingen Thats 100% a steelhead. ..i catch 150 a yr...can def tell difference btw a rainbow and a steelhead. . Dave Winberg? What u think?
    • Dave Winberg Steelhead!!!!
    • James Swearingen I guess this is a nice Rainbow then?
    • James Swearingen Hes another big Rainbow?
    • Catch the Drift Yep just been in the river long so yours are more colored up.
    • James Swearingen These are both lake erie steelhead
    • Catch the Drift Some dark ones around also.
    • Catch the Drift You will probably say this is a steelhead also.
    • James Swearingen How do u tell the difference?
    • Catch the Drift Mostly on the shape of the body, fin clips and coloring for the time of year. I know if it's a rainbow as soon as we hook it this time of year. A steelhead runs fast, takes drag and is all over the river. Rainbows shake their head and come in real easy. My clients can tell you the exact same thing. The Oswego River gets tons of rainbows. Most people call them steelhead. You can call it what you want is fine, but I was on the boat to see the fish up close and how it acted on the fight. Even my clients said that rainbow didnt fight at all compared to the steelhead we caught.
    • James Swearingen Cool ..thanks for the tips
    • Alison Synakowski That's a carp!
    • Mark Minard James Swearingen, I use to fish Oswego a lot over the past years, I grew up fishing steelhead in Michigan, it took me awhile to realize that Oswego has a run of rainbows and steelhead and the difference, especially this time a year, is the fight. Also bows come in with some color to the gill plate on females and some of the males may already be colored up. I always said if it fights like a brown, then it's a rainbow, lol...there is such a big difference in the fight, (as Kevin pointed out) a good steel you're lucky to land (from shore), while you hardly ever lose a bow...also once the steel have been in the river and color up it's very hard to tell the difference if you can at all, even the steel will get sluggish after being there for quite a fresh steel is always easy to see/tell. Good luck if you get there to fish this fall, Nov is a very good month for browns and steel there.
  • Posted 9 days ago
    9 photos

    Greg and Chris with a good morning bite on a miserable cold day. Thanks Chris and Penn Reels for equipping us with the right gear. Thanks Greg "never land them" for the new custom float rods. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

  • Posted 9 days ago

    Sorry everyone I got behind on pictures. Dan and Ashley with a productive afternoon trip.

  • Posted 13 days ago
    8 photos

    Got water ? I do. πŸ˜ƒ. Very good day with water rising. Hopefully it will stay up for a while. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

  • Posted 14 days ago
    4 photos

    Not a bad day on the Oswego pond for Tom and Charlie. All fish released to fight another day. The first CTDDDD of this season. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!

  • Posted 15 days ago

    Good morning from the Oswego pond. Can't beat the sunrises lately. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. Even caught a few fish.

    • Joe Kordish great picture even with the low water.
    • Joy Dengler I don't think I am ever awake for sunrises, but this is gorgeous and I do love sunsets!
  • Posted 15 days ago
    4 photos

    First couple hours for Nick and Nick was very productive. Sun up, 75 degrees, clear water meant no bites. Tough going on bright sunny days. LOCKEDSTRONG 🎏🎏🎏

    • John Morley Kevin it's time for a new plug
    • Catch the Drift No way John that's old reliable. Gets a couple every day.
    • John Morley The beat up ones work for me to buddy if ur out tomorrow beat a shark in the head for me FISH ON
    • Robert Hildenbrand Yeah that plug is tuned right in hahaha.
    • Kurt G. Miller There must be tons of trout waiting in the mouth and harbor for water. I've been checking your results for over a year and comparing and contrasting my results in PA during different moon phases and weather patterns. It has proven to be very interesting, even though we are about 250 miles away. Kurt Miller
  • Posted 16 days ago

    65 degrees and beautiful sunrise.

  • Posted 16 days ago

    Doomed another day with a banana on the boat.

  • Posted 16 days ago
    5 photos

    More salmon πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. Rich and Dave were LOCKED !!!!! All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!

  • Posted 16 days ago
    4 photos

    Salmon anyone ? Good day for Rodney and Jeff. Would of been better if Rodney was on the ball LOL. Water is cooling off and they are starting to snap better. LOCKEDSTRONG. !!!!!!

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