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  • Posted 2 days ago
    5 photos

    Working for them still. 😒. Putting our time in for every bite. Nice day on the water with the group from Maine. LOCKEDSTRONG. !!!!!

  • Posted 4 days ago
    4 photos

    The salmon fishing remains so so. This time of year it should be easy going. Oh well, it's fishing. River season is almost here. 😀😀 If anyone has not checked in to confirm their fall days you better do so. I'm going to post all open dates in the next day or two. They will be up for grabs. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!!

  • Posted 8 days ago
    2 photos

    Not a ton of kings around but some nice quality. Atommik trolling flies are doing the trick. Uv big fin glows are hot. Still looking for the mother load to show. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!

  • Posted 9 days ago
    13 photos

    Sorry for the lack of reports lately, starting to get tired. The kings are still scattered all around with no big concentration. Coming up with some good catches though. Been fishing 600 foot of water all the way into 70 today. Hopefully they will pile up soon for the bloodbath to begin. 😃😃. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!

    • Adam Niedhammer Nice looking fish though
    • Fred Zaiko Hang in there Kevin!
    • Dave Hall get some rest man-3 weeks till river season!!
    • Neil Shattuck Hope you feel better soon. I have a young buck who has never been out who would like to give the lake a try. Could we get a date or could we catch a short trip. Again weekends work best with school coming up. But I'm willing to work with a short notice trip.
    • Joe Solometo You have it in you Champ keep it up
    • Matthew Liptak Be well.
    • James Vogel Looks like a blood bath to me!
  • Posted 15 days ago

    I can't understand why that one didn't bite. Lol. Mother load of bait.

    • Toby Ethier Blame gramps's driving! Hehe
    • Dan Lussier Are the kings showing up finally?
    • Greg Pecha Looks like somebody is catching fish, since you haven't posted in a couple days.
    • Chris Pate that one was probably full and had his snack lined up for when he got hungry again LOL
  • Posted 16 days ago
    2 photos

    The west winds brought some kings for us to play with. 😃. Big waves, wind, rain, but we stuck it out. Better days ahead. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

  • Posted 19 days ago

    One king and one coho before the big winds came today. Look at the curled up tail and shape of this one. Ready for the river. Hopefully this wind will bring them. No targets at all this morning. Salmon you can show up anytime, you have made us wait long enough. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!

    • Jimmy James How did the skeins look? Been reading quite a few posts that they are looking a little behind schedule. Doesn't look like it's the case with her though!
    • Catch the Drift This was the first fish that you could actually use the eggs to cure. Every other hen looked like a couple weeks or more behind schedule.
  • Posted 20 days ago
    2 photos

    Brutal wind and rain this morning made us slide in and look for brown trout. We were able to grab a limit in a couple hours. Hopefully the heavy west winds coming bring the kings. 😃. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!

  • Posted 22 days ago
    5 photos

    Had a shot at a few salmon today. Managed to land 3 good ones, couple small, and a couple steelhead. Not a good sign when u see a big lamprey eel on a skippy king. It was a beautiful day on the water though. 😃. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!

  • Posted 23 days ago
    4 photos

    Fishing remains challenging but still producing a few fish a trip. I hope the kings get here soon !!!!! Lack of targets. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

    • Joey Xamountry You did good!
    • Rick Rupert Yea, i hate catching steelhead and browns ! lol
    • Catch the Drift It's salmon season. But glad to have them. 😀.
    • Tammy Flaherty We went out today, not even a hit! Only seasick! I told my husband I am retiring my pole. Love the fishing can't take the waves! Love watching your catch! Hope they get in soon, he can take the relatives.
    • Joe Kordish great looking fish
    • Lisa Ciriello Gilmore Tammy, try bonine it works for my husband. One tab 2 hrs before the trip will do the trick.
  • Posted 26 days ago

    Fishing remains slow the last couple days with the salmon scattered big time. On a better note I Just finished my last Chemo treatment 13 straight 26 weeks of being tortured. Never missed a day of work 😃. Thank you so much everyone's support through it all. River season around corner make sure everyone checks in their fall dates. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!

    • Sean Ryan Great news to hear Capt. Kevin, cant wait to come up and do some trout fishing in the river with you this year
    • Catch the Drift Sean did u want your salmon day ?
    • Sean Ryan I wanted to come up a little later in the season this year in November...preferably a weekend if you have any available...Im gunning for some large Browns this year!
    • Gerald Schiavo Congrats.
    • Jim Mckemmie good for you Kevin I wish you the best
    • Catch the Drift Going thru the book but a think everyone rebooked their days. I'll let you know for sure.
    • Sean Ryan Okay yeah just let me know what you have available when you think the best time for some BT's and i'll be in ...It doesnt have to be a weekend
    • Patty Violette Oh Kevin you did it!! You are one of the most strongest and determined person I have ever known!! You have had so many people praying and pulling for you!! You are such an inspiration to all of us!! Still working out on the boat with "Gramps" not missing a day!! You are awesome!! So happy chemo is over my friend!!! LOCKEDSTRONG!!! ;))
    • Anita Geib I sent emails for dates a month ago and called and left a message an never heard back. :(
    • Kari Miller Sawyer Great job Kevin! Maine boys can't wait to see you!!
    • Chad LaRose #kickincancersass
    • Louis Fortunato glad to hear, you are getting better.
    • Carrie Gunther Great to hear!!!
    • Tim Brooks Bless you man
    • Michael James Mercier #HERO
    • Steven Day Glad to help support you thru all this, We will Rock the Steelies in Nov "LockedStrong"
    • Ken Paula Hemshrot Way to go Kevin, you're as tuff of a dude as you are a great fishing Guide!!!
    • Patricia Halstead Phillips Wonderful news...!!!
    • Neil Shattuck Im glad the treatments are done kevin, Im glad ive had the pleasure to get to know you. Yes I do want to do another trip. River, lake anywhere you think we should go. Let me know when or should I call and talk it over. I think you need to place calendar on your site thats interactive so we can see openings etc. Just a thought. Hope we get together soon. I like October, November or any of the other ten months.
    • Eric Marcinkowski No one stronger than u!
    • Adam Niedhammer Glad to hear buddy i need a fall date
    • Shiloh Patterson Way too go!! Lockedstrong!!
    • Debbie Bramer Zampetti Glad to hear Kevin!
    • Dave Hall great job man!! toughest dude I know! still good for Dec.1 ? let me know
    • Catch the Drift Anita Geib just getting my fall book together. Had to wait to see if all regulars are taking their same days. Have a few days for salmon available. Shoot me a message on this site.
  • Posted 29 days ago
    4 photos

    Slower morning for us with heavy fleas and lack of targets. Managed to hang on to the bites that we had though. All quality fish. 😃😃. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!!

    • Mark Penner Temps must be much warmer down east? Next to no fleas I've seen on the west / Canadian side
    • Catch the Drift Down 70 was the break today. 71 on the surface. Fleas are just unbearable.
  • Posted 1 month ago
    2 photos

    Another large this morning with many more. 😃😃. Thanks Don for everything !!!!! Here is our new no Bananas sign 😃. Thanks for that one Rob.

  • Posted 1 month ago
    9 photos

    Much better morning for us. The fleas weren't half as bad. 😀😀. We even got them with a bunch of bananas on the boat. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!!!!

    • Leon J Breton Fresh fish!!! Love that dime bright shine
    • Carol Gushanas Nice
    • Neil Shattuck Bananas! You're pushing your luck. Never , ever ever bring bananas on board!!!
    • Neil Shattuck Lovely looking catch! Still waiting patiently to hear for an opening.
    • Toby Ethier Either this is the biggest fish ever caught or you my friend or you have gotten really "reely" good with the camera! Can't wait to see you in November
    • Dan Lussier Grt rid of the bananas. LOCKED STRONG
    • Larry Gaudette Nice fish, bananas? You'll jinx yourself!

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