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  • Posted 18 hours ago

    The fishing in Oswego remains to be very good. Some bigger fish starting to show. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 5 days ago

    Best king bite of the season. Great to see a bunch of adults around. The west blow concentrated them for a few days. 😃. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

    • Shane Muckey your killing me, thats its i'm coming over too oz in november going on a steelhead killing spree... :)
    • Shane Muckey i was just bustin man... kill away... keeps the lake healthy. thats why this is the last great great lake, were great killers, we keep things in check.
    • Mike Gauthier Hi, just wondering if you have any available dates right away?
    • Neil Shattuck Very nice looking fish guys. Wish I was catching them with you.
    • Gene Delicati III the king
    • Kurt G. Miller Nice fish!!!!
  • Posted 6 days ago

    Very good salmon bite in Oswego today. Easy limit and in early. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 8 days ago

    The king fishing is hit or miss the last couple days. Some bigger fish showing up but no numbers. If your bites stay on you can still fill the cooler though. 😀. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 10 days ago

    Not wild and crazy, but the salmon are still cooperating for us. If you can hang on to your bites it will be a good day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 14 days ago

    The salmon bite remain excellent in Oswego. We are catching all sizes which is a good sign for the next couple years. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 15 days ago

    A very productive morning in Oswego. Lots of bites and lots of fish landed. All not released to fight another day. Lol. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Shane Muckey wish there was a way too figure out how many were harvested last 2 days and the next 3, wow it would be astronomical.
    • Mason Rector Yeah baby!!
    • Shane Muckey I always tell guys here, a windy or flat labor day weekend makes or breaks how good the september run of salmon will be.
    • Theo Lander Holy shitz
    • Marvin Burdick Would look good on the grill tomorrow
  • Posted 16 days ago

    Can you say finally the kings have made an appearance. 😃😃. Real good fishing the last couple days. Let's hope they stay around for a while. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 21 days ago

    The water is starting to drop so we had to go carp fishing today. 😃😃. Caught a bunch till the little one was tired. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Theo Lander Need a picture of the sheepshead on here!
    • Josh Martin Look like the bait worked huh? Ha good job Kevin
  • Posted 25 days ago

    Definitely some very nice brown trout around, but not the numbers that we would like. Back to grinding out every bite. 😢. Still waiting for some kings to show. Maybe this will be the week ???? Let's hope so. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 26 days ago

    Some of the best brown trout fishing of the year. First pass we boated nine. 😃😃. Hopefully it will stay for a little while. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 1 month ago

    The fishing in Oswego remains to be challenging. Generic water with no thermocline has everything spread out right now. Had a great time with a fun family. 😃😃. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    It's been a definite grind the last couple days. Same water temps for miles spreading the fish out majorly. Still getting some quality fish, but working hard to get them. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    We've been fishing early for Browns then moving off shore for lakers and steelhead. Not a great bite for sure, earning every fish we boat lately. No thermocline and huge areas of the same water temps. I hate to say it but we need a couple day blow from the west. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 1 month ago

    A quad to start off the morning. 😃. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 1 month ago

    The capturing of large brown trout continues. Not fast and furious, but getting enough to keep everyone happy. Same temperature from 10 foot to 60 foot right now spreading all the fish out. The bright sun is not our friend. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Definitely not an easy bite, but if you put your time in, there are some quality brown trout around. Waiting for the lake to set up for the blood bath to begin. Until then we will grind them out. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    The word of the day is Fog. 😁😁. Got a few Browns and missed a bunch. I hate the fog. Had tomorrow cancel, back at it on Thursday. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Brutal winds, but we stuck it out with a good brown trout bite. Picked at them the entire trip with some large ones mixed in. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Another blow off day 😁. These northeast winds are killing us. Brown trout fishing remains excellent the last couple days. 20 plus bites a trip. We need some good west winds to bring back the kings. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    A good brown trout bite continues. The last northeast blow messed up the salmon fishing so we have been concentrating on the browns. We did catch three or four rainbows mixed in though. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Brutal, windy, cold morning with the boys from Maine, but the fish wanted to bite. 😄. A good mix of everything. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Crushing them today on The new Fingerlakes spoons. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Great fishing the last couple days with a mixed bag of kings, Browns, steelhead, lake trout and cohos. Blow off day today but will be back at it tomorrow. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Eric Hulette Awesome!! Looks like its going to be another great season on the big Lake!! :)
    • Joe Kordish alright kevin.nice looking fish.LOCKEDSTRONG 2015
    • Maria Radio Great catch Jason,Michael.Nice!
    • Michael Kot Fantastic fish and a fun day !!!

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