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  • Posted 19 hours ago
    4 photos

    Not a ton a fish landed today but some quality fish for sure. Joey was the steelhead master. Guys everywhere, boats everywhere and no place to fish. I hate weekends. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!

  • Posted 1 day ago

    Does it get any better 😃😃😃😃. Ok soon as we hook a fish it will. LOCKED as I'm writing this.

  • Posted 1 day ago
    7 photos

    Joey with the big brown today. Great job with a long battle. 😀😀. We actually hit fish in every spot with some steelhead around. If I could only get some high water I think it would be game on. All released to fight another day. An easy CTDDDD plus many more. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

  • Posted 2 days ago
    7 photos

    Tim and Mike with a productive day on the Oswego. We needed the clicker today, time to order a new one. A CTDDDDWLC. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!

  • Posted 4 days ago
    9 photos

    A few pictures from the trip today. Brutal conditions but the guys had no problems with it. An easy CTDDDD plus. Released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG!!!!!!

    • Cody Duell What is "CTDDDD" ?
    • Gerald Schiavo Catch the Drift Double Digit Day.
    • Mike Fairbairn Nice!!!!
    • Jamie Perry It would be interested to know, how many time in a season you catch the same fish. Alot of good data could result. Just saying...
    • Catch the Drift On a high water season Jamie just tons of repeats. With the low water this year I throw them back and the next guy keeps them. So many fish being taken this year it's sickening. Did catch the same rainbow twice in ten minutes yesterday though.
  • Posted 4 days ago

    Highest water of the season and my guys just cancelled. 😁😁😁😁

    • Gerald Schiavo How much snow in the land of Oz?
    • Adam Niedhammer Opening?
    • Catch the Drift No snow just wind and cold Gerald Schiavo
    • Catch the Drift Going to take it off Adam. I have chemo at 230.
    • Bob Mitchell Stay warm and healthy.
    • Tim Drag Sweet.... Give the fish a rest before I'm in your boat on Thursday!
    • Mike Kerstetter nice, figures ill be on the sr this weekend! enjoy
    • Luke Berryhill How much are your trips? Better yet, can I run a Bass Tracker with a 40 jet on that river? Got the itch for steelhead bad, but these creeks in PA are pretty low this year!
    • Tom Allen You could Luke, but your increasing your chances of death by about 50%
    • Bob Hoffman Who's afraid of a little snow and wind?
    • Catch the Drift No you Bob. Maybe Kevin
    • Luke Berryhill Tom, how do you mean? I have never fished this body of water but I am always looking to expand my boundaries for water. Are there guys that run jet motor on that river?
    • Clyde Keck Stay healthy kevin
    • Fred Zaiko That sucks...
  • Posted 5 days ago
    7 photos

    I guess Lucky Mike can keep his name after today. Wasn't quite sure after the last trip. A slow couple hours until they boosted the water. After that it was throw in and set hook, double after double. We even caught out first lake trout of the river season. A CTDDDD in less than 30 minutes. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!

    • Joe Kordish maybe one day with enough notice i can fish with you.till then i will keep enjoying the pic and stay LOCKED STRONG.
    • Catch the Drift Thanks Joe 😃
    • Del Casterline Lakers are a different fish in river I remember them taking flys fished dry on top good job Kevin
    • Aaron Jasper Let's see some more slow motion buddy!
    • Kurt G. Miller So jealous that I live so far away. Otherwise, I'd be out there regularly.
  • Posted 7 days ago
    9 photos

    A bunch of chrome steelhead arrived for Scotty and Tiffany. Very low water conditions is definitely making them tough to capture. The year of no water :(. Released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!!!!

  • Posted 7 days ago
    8 photos

    Rich and James with a winter wonderland steelhead trip. The snow didn't stop but neither did the bites. James kept losing one after another. Lol. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG!!!!

  • Posted 9 days ago
    7 photos

    A couple pictures from yesterday with Anthony and Bill. An easy CTDDDD plus many more. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!

  • Posted 10 days ago
    8 photos

    Lucky Mike might be losing his mojo. The new guy Bill was keeping up with him today. I might have to retire the Lucky. Good times even with the big winds. LOCKEDSTRONG. !!!!!!

    • Dave Hall Don't know if you should take his crown away on 1 slow trip-have seen him hoist a lot of fish.
  • Posted 11 days ago
    6 photos

    Many attachments for Woody and James but major troubles landing them. A bunch of steelhead around today. Another CTDDDD. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!

    • Steven Day That's the trouble with big Chrome, they tend to be camera shy
    • Lisa Dobos Balducci You should of charged those guys a fuel surcharge for overloading the front of the boat.
    • Catch the Drift Not a bad idea Jerry.
  • Posted 12 days ago
    10 photos

    Woody brings his A game today. James with lots of attachment but had trouble getting them to the boat. Crowds were terrible today. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG !!!!!

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