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  • Posted 3 days ago

    Can you say 57 degrees. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 3 days ago

    The Thanksgiving day tradition continues taking my good friend Dave and his family fishing. What a pleasure taking everyone out, especially on a beautiful morning like today. Great action with some quality fish. All released to fight another day. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!! LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 6 days ago

    Tomorrows guys just cancelled if anyone is interested in last minute trip.

    • Seth Coon Beautiful fish
    • Gerald Schiavo I wish I lived closer!
    • Catch the Drift Can't stand it when guys cancel last minute. Could of filled it easily.
    • Kurt G. Miller Nice coloring!
    • BobandLisa Ciriello Gilmore That's classless the last minute unless it's an emergency that cannot be helped!
    • Christopher Tobias I'm getting on a plane now! Everything is frozen here!!
    • Carl Kerstetter That's bs ..... hopefully someone wanted to go fishing well catching on your boat
    • James R. Gibbons Would have jumped in to take the day. Unfortunately just saw the post at 6am and we live 4.5 hrs away.
    • Mark Currie Been there, had that, hate it! I've got a blacklist that requires double payment before their next outing if they ever want to go back out. They need a really good reason to get removed and it works!
    • Fred Zaiko I wish...
  • Posted 7 days ago

    Well the water levels have been changing ever hour lately. The change turns the fish on and then the drop always turns them off. Been moving around getting a few bites here and there. I've given up on hoping for rain, only have the water from them draining the lakes to look forward to. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 11 days ago

    Tough fishing with the low water, but we have been getting some quality fish lately. The brown trout are mostly spawned out already. 😁😁. I thought everything was going to be late but not a good sign with so many spawn outs. Water temps are still really warm for this time of year. Time will tell once we get some water. Until then LOCKEDSTRONG. All released to fight another day.

    • Gerald Schiavo Nice browns,
    • Frank Johnson love those colors
    • Joe Kordish nice fish
    • Thomas King Jr Gorgeous fish.
    • Jeremy Gould I can't believe they spawned out so early
    • Kurt G. Miller Ahhhh, the good old days come to mind. Before they redid the wall, we used to slam them well into November and early December, spitting eggs like crazy when we landed them. Should have made it easier to land fish when they sank all that money into construction. Oswego city planners don't seem to care about fishermen. Walkway to the middle wall would spread out the crowds. I could go on and rant and suggest ways to make access better for shore guys. Maybe local fishermen can take up the cause to city planners. So much could be done for small expense.
  • Posted 14 days ago

    Lucky Mike with a beauty to start the day. Released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG. .

  • Posted 15 days ago

    An awesome looking rainbow for Scotty today. Released to fight another day. Just had two days in December open up if anyone is interested? Message me and I'll give you the days. LOCKEDSTRONG

  • Posted 21 days ago

    Woody with a newbie. Good to see some fresh fish in the system today. πŸ˜ƒ. Released to fight another day.

  • Posted 21 days ago

    Slow start but they are coming good now. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 22 days ago

    The fishing remains good, but they are not coming easy. Another year of no water. 😁😁. The average flow for this time is 7000cfs, we have a wonderful 2400cfs. My rain dance fails again. Oh well, client are still happy in double digits. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Roy Smith Even your "off" days still look pretty good! Tight lines.
  • Posted 25 days ago

    John capturing our first fantail rainbow this year. Just a small one, but the fins are awesome. Released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Mark Minard Glad there's still some around...remember catching my first (and only) one about 10yrs ago, couldn't figure out the tail, then got information from you.
    • Seth Coon That would make a cool replica wall hanger
    • Trevor Berwick Awesome fish!!! Justin Solak check this out! The search is on!
    • Bob Mitchell Kevin, could be the one I caught last April with you, grown a little, repeat offender?🎣
    • Roy Smith Is that an actual species or just a genetic abberation?
    • Cheri-Griffo Poile Awesome fish!
  • Posted 28 days ago

    Fishing remains decent if you can actually find a few spots to fish. Boat pressure is by far the heaviest I have ever seen. Jeff and Joe stuck it out with some quality fish. All released to fight another day. Easy CTDDDD LOCKEDSTRONG

    • Tim Drag Only going to get busier.
    • Kurt G. Miller There were even drift boats down by Bridge St. on Sunday. Must have been crazy near the dam and pump house.
    • Patrick Sorensen Are u float fishing here
  • Posted 1 month ago

    Had the pleasure of fishing with Bob and his Dad VJ today. I've known them for 25 years at least. Fishing side by side on the wall in the college days. VJ is 91 years young and had a great quote today. He said God doesn't count fishing days as living days. Hope I got that right. If that's true, I should live forever. πŸ˜ƒ. Very easy CTDDDD plus many more. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • John Morley 91 years young ?? In my book he can pass as 21 Kevin lol tight lines bro !!
    • Mark Penner Love it
    • Gail Elliott That's Great!!!
    • Steven Day Hope when im 91 i can still get on the water way to go guys
    • Ronald Wisniewski Great job guys !! See you next week !!
    • Mark Minard Glad they got out with you I met them on the wall around 15 yrs ago...
    • Kevin Brown "It has been said that the Lord does not count the days spent fishing against your total allotment."
    • Dan Lussier Kevin you will live forever. Toughest guy I know LOCKSTRONG.
    • Matthew Trombley Amen Danny! LOCKEDSTRONG Kev!
    • Christopher J Gettis The gods do not deduct from mans allotted span the hours spent in fishing.~Babylonian Proverb
    • Larry Leight yes the old days on the wall....Didn't you used to pass him some Estaz flies...
    • Wilbur Moore Bet that was so much fun,wow you fellows are something else, fish don't have a chance
    • Johnny Monocle Colorado Bob came off the wall? :) Looks like a nice day. Gotta appreciate it when anyone can fish with their Pops.
  • Posted 1 month ago

    Bob with a beautiful wide body male rainbow to start the day. Released to fight another day.

    • Jamie Brignolo Hey Bob i know you see you in a few wks hope to see your dad also nice fish!!!!!!!!!!
  • Posted 1 month ago

    Boys from Maine brought the brutal weather. Good bite for a couple hours and then it was over. Hopefully we got enough rain to keep the water up past the weekend. Sick of the snaggers chasing the kings on the gravel. Let them spawn, leave them alone. Anyone I see, I motor over and tell them what I think of them. Most of them don't speak English. No salmon spawning means no trout entering the river. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Dan Lussier Good job Kevin
    • Frank Kirschner You must educate about conservation and sportsman ethnic!
    • Buck Tetu Ok Kevin most fish returning are stocked so if u think the ones we catch on the beds matter tell the hatchery to release another 200k to justify our 50$ out of state loc
    • Buck Tetu There are no salmon for yrs yet we still gotta pay to fish a stocked fish that doesn't show up
    • Buck Tetu Fyi 25 it vet to your state
    • Buck Tetu Year
    • Joshua Toole Jon Vorhis
    • Melissa Eaton You couldn't get Aaron and Darrell to go tell them for you. I'm sure they could have handled for ya.
    • Steve Ladd Kick their dumb ass Jon.
  • Posted 1 month ago

    Who says catch and release doesn't work. Same fish, caught three times in a week time frame. Big scar on back side of fish and can't mistake the head. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Jason Popovich All my trout always released to fight another day, i had big brown on a spinner in small stream last year and my brother went back next day an caught that same fish with my joes fly spinner still in its mouth
    • Bryan Snyder That's a dumb fish
    • Neil Shattuck You're a good steward of the river Kevin.
    • Robert Mallory That's cool!!
    • Tom Allen That fish had to say WTF the 3rd time it was caught
    • Casey Prisco Did it bite the same thing all 3 times
    • Tom Allen All I think of is squid-ward telling spongebob, "Go, Ahead try it its fun"
    • David A. Marks He must like the out of water expererance !!
    • Greg Prestosh Thats the proof right
    • Patrick C. Kraus stupid people make me laugh! catch and release works just fine apparently!
    • David Gagnon Maybe it loves pictures lol
  • Posted 1 month ago

    Sean and Chris with a nice day on the water. Bright sun, clear water and we still got some bites. πŸ˜ƒ. Good thing for rainbows. An easy CTDDDD plus. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Bob a Kevin with another banner trip on the Oswego. Low water conditions but they still wanted to bite. All released to fight another day. A heavy rain dance has begun. Very easy CTTDDD plus many more. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Hello beautiful morning. πŸ˜ƒ.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    I'm not scared. Lol. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    A few more from "never land them" Greg's crushfest today. Just think how many he lost. Lol. Fun day on the river. All released to fight another day. CTDDDD LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Joe Kordish amazing pictures as always are one of the best.LOCKEDSTRONG
    • Neil Shattuck All fabulous fish, as usual.
    • Kurt G. Miller Nice to see some trout coming into the river.
    • Kurt G. Miller I don't know if you're aware of it or not, but the week end reports are not on your web site. I enjoy keeping track of what's happening on the water in the Oswego area, and your site is my main source. Keep up the good work.
  • Posted 1 month ago

    Just had tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday morning cancel if anyone is interested. Message me if interested. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 1 month ago

    Kings on the center pin. Greg is in battle most of the morning. LOCKEDSTRONG.

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