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  • Posted 1 day ago

    My buddy Andrew just had a few days open up if anyone is interested. Good drop back fishing right now.

  • Posted 1 day ago

    Hit the river for an hour with the family. 😃😃 Still some fish hanging around. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Chris Kurtz It doesn't get better than this, this is what it's all about, family!!!! Awesome!
    • Bob Mitchell Great photos, great family🐟🎣👍
    • Pat Gage Love the pictures!
    • Steve Rohauer Awesome
    • Dave Hall great times!
    • Richard Kirk Great job to the Davis family
    • Eric Burger That's awesome nothing better than fish and with the kids and Quality family time
    • Eric Hulette Awesome job girls!!! :) :)
    • Kurt G. Miller Nice! I love fishing with my family also. I love the looks on my grandkids faces when they hook up. Haven't seen pictures on your web site lately.
    • Mautaga Ae Priceless!!!!
    • Joe Kordish great pictures of the family.
    • Kurt G. Miller You're welcome Kevin. I enjoy checking your site all the time. Must be nice to have such an awesome fishery in your back yard. My next best thing is the shad run on the Delaware in PA. If I lived up there, my wife would never see me. So many species to fish for; you're a lucky guy! Keep slammin' em Kevin!
    • Kurt G. Miller You're welcome Kevin.
  • Posted 1 day ago

    Very good brown trout bite today. Beautiful day on the water. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 2 days ago

    Let the games begin. A full PENN arsenal has arrived.

  • Posted 2 days ago

    The lake season has begun. We started out for brown trout and the bite was slower with only a bunch of small ones. Guys wanted to try for lake trout and it was a good call. We lost one of the biggest lake trout I have seen in years right behind the boat. Broke 20lb test. We landed the one in the picture that weighed in at 20. It looked like a midget compared to the one we lost. 😪😪. Well at least we had the story of the big one that got away. What will tomorrow bring ? LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 5 days ago

    A little rough today but my crew didn't care. Constant action the entire trip. 😃😃. We lost count they were coming in so fast. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 6 days ago

    Some pictures from the last couple days. Been switching back and forth from the river to the lake. Released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 7 days ago

    This Saturday April 24th just opened up for the big boat if anyone is interested in a charter. Call or message me if interested 3155910151.

  • Posted 8 days ago

    Here's some pictures from the last couple days. Had the pleasure of capturing one of the nicest steelhead all season. It was the best fight of the season by far. 18,000cfs and no calm water to drag him into, 30 minutes later we put the net on him. I couldn't even get my hand around the tail. Released to fight another day. 😃😃😃. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 9 days ago

    Kevin with a very productive day float fishing. All released to fight another day. CTDDDD plus many, many more. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

    • Richard Kirk I think I know that spot lol nice job Kevin Davis
  • Posted 10 days ago

    I've been fishing the lake shore for the last two weeks and it is remarkable how many repeat offenders I get. Everyone thinks it's a big lake and the fish move around big time. The answer is not. Same fish same spots every couple days. This repeater you can't mistake with the double mouth. Even caught a few with my hooks in their mouth that we broke off. Released to fight another day 😃😃. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Carl Kerstetter Any guess if the double mouth is genetic?
    • Catch the Drift Not sure. See it a lot though.
    • Carl Kerstetter I have seen salmon like that as well and I don't they have fallen victim to the Boca grip
    • Jeremy Botting You have your pets trained well to not to roam to far away... i like it! :)
    • Gerald Schiavo Looks as if the bottom of the mouth and tongue separated from the jaw.
    • Mike Decker Double mouth syndrome explained
    • Jimmy Page Letting these fish fight another day allows the next angler to enjoy our amazing resource.
    • Rich Wojciechowski Kevin why do the fish have this. I have never seen that before. It looks like the fish has a serious problem. And these fish stay alive. And they don't have a problem eating. That's weird.
    • Jeremy Phillips Watched a drift boat on salmon river lose a real big steelie backtrollin. Not 10 min later my buddy hooked and landed that fish with there plug in its mouth
    • Kurt G. Miller That's great that they can grow and be caught again by other people. Maybe even by one of your clients again. Good recycling! Catch and release works!
    • Neil Shattuck Are they twice as hungry?
  • Posted 10 days ago

    Sorry getting behind on reports. Tom and his wife Denise with just tons of action, but couldn't get a large one to the net. I won't mention any names. Lol. Good times. 😃. All released to fight another day. An easy CTDDDD. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

    • Bob Mitchell You sure know how to put smiles on people's faces.🎣🎣
  • Posted 13 days ago

    Bad winds over night spread out our little honey hole. 40 degree colored water everywhere, no concentration. We still managed some nice fish. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 14 days ago

    We took a different approach today. Guys wanted to float fish. What a wild and crazy day with Rich and DJ. Always an adventure. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 15 days ago

    Lots of boat traffic today and not a cloud in the sky. Just the conditions we were looking for. 😁😁. Stayed inside everyone capturing a wide variety of creatures. Justin and Darrel are trained veterans now. An easy CTDDDD plus many more. All released to fight another day. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

    • Neil Shattuck Very nice fish guys
    • Kurt G. Miller Nice. Brings back memories of casting from shore at Big Rock, below the fort, with Cleos. We used to hammer all kinds of fish. Browns, cohos, steelhead all day long. Do they still do that? In the 70's we used to be able to car top my canoe and hit smallies in the summer too. Probably can't do that any more.
    • Justin Lerner Thank you for the fantastic trip! We will definitely be back!
  • Posted 17 days ago

    I had April 19th and 20th open up if anyone is interested in steelhead or brown trout fishing. LOCKEDSTRONG.

  • Posted 17 days ago

    South winds to 30knots was the forecast today. We were tough, so gave it a shot anyways. Fun day with Nick and Dave. Good action with some large ones. 😃. CTDDDD plus many more. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 20 days ago

    Just had tomorrow cancel if anyone wants to try the Oswego. Call me 3155910151. I'll let you know the plan.

    • Tom Allen Water looking better today just drove by !!!
    • Fred Zaiko I went out at 430PM and it was terrible in the harbor...
  • Posted 20 days ago

    The Salmon River grind. Stu with a productive day, only if Andy would of stepped it up. Lol. Good water but a bit too cold yet. LOCKEDSTRONG.

    • Tim Drag It must pain you to have to grind and only catch 12 fish. That's usually your pre-dawn total.
    • Catch the Drift I wish we caught 12 Tim. Tough going right now.
    • Tim Drag That sucks. Sorry to hear that Kevin.
    • Catch the Drift Can't be easy all the time. 😃
    • Tim Drag The ice broke open today according to the satellite photo released today. There's always that tomorrow. #We'reTripled!
    • Jamie Perry Hey, get out of that run. I see where you are... Tough over there, huh? Too many have died. SMH
    • Ryan Goodrow Fish look healthy?
    • Shane Muckey love this water, cold and tough, just how I like it.
  • Posted 21 days ago

    Oswego flooded and Salmon River slow means road trip. Lucky Mike and Ray with a very productive day. An easy CTDDDD plus many more. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

  • Posted 23 days ago

    Some of my brown trout spoons have arrived. Not a safe brown trout around. Thanks again Bobby. LOCKEDSTRONG 2015.

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