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  • Posted 7 hours ago
    9 photos

    Neil with a nice relaxing banner steelhead day on the Oswego. We hit fish in every spot again. Water level went from 17000cfs to 14000cfs. Hope it stays up for a few more days. Back to the lake tomorrow for bts. All released to fight another day.

    • Neil Shattuck Dave provided a woderful package, he is very knowledgable with the river and locating fish. I will be back again!!
  • Posted 1 day ago
    10 photos

    Some of the best steelhead fishing that I have seen for this late in the season. Usually they have spawned and left the Oswego by now. Every spot in the river was holding fish. Dan and Dylan are ruined. A Catch the Drift Double Digit Day ++++. All released to fight another day.

  • Posted 1 day ago

    Guy for tomorrow wants to split the trip if anyone is interested.

    • Neil Shattuck Sent me a text where you want me to be and when. I will be there .
    • Neil Shattuck 484-340-9073
    • Tim Drag If anything opens on sat or Sunday let me know
    • Catch the Drift Tim. I do have Saturday open now. If your interested give me a shout 3155910151. I'll fill you in on the fishing.
    • Neil Shattuck TIM, pack your bags , its a blast!
  • Posted 1 day ago

    Too rough for the lake had to fish the river. 18000cfs but they are coming real good. :). Released to fight another day.

    • Leon J Breton Captain Dan
    • Steven Day Glad to see you gave them lake fish a break
    • Mark Minard looks like they're still spawning...boy the fish up river sure had a good break...
  • Posted 2 days ago
    4 photos

    A much slower bite for Jerry today. It was a weird bite to say the least. We would hit a bunch in a row, just when you thought the cruchfest would begin, they shut off. Weird weather, weird bite, but we still got a bunch of the smaller variety. Released to fight another day.

    • Joe Kordish looks like a good day to me.cant wait to go out with you.hope you are doing good
    • Gerald Schiavo Thanks Kevin Davis. Had to work for them today. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate either. That's fishing. Next time....
    • Catch the Drift Thanks Jerry. We will get even on the large ones next time.
  • Posted 3 days ago
    2 photos

    What a nice day on the water with Chris and Tom. Lots of action and lots of laughs. An easy Catch the Drift Double Digit Day plus many, many ,more.

    • Neil Shattuck Any word on a short trip. I'm still looking for a partner to go with Dave? Let me know., thanks
    • Catch the Drift Still waiting for a definite yes or no on Thursdays guys Neil.
    • Neil Shattuck Ok will wait to hear. Send text to 484-340-9073. Coming from Hornell Ny.
  • Posted 3 days ago

    Slower start but we found them :). Good spoon bite today.

  • Posted 5 days ago

    Caught a few before it got too rough for Jerry's likings. The browns will get a break from me today. Released to fight another day.

  • Posted 6 days ago
    10 photos

    The Catch the Drift boat is a brown trout catching machine. The guys from Canada are ruined with big numbers and some large ones mixed in. Released to fight another day. :). How many days can you get 70 bites ??

    • Christopher Adessa Monday can't come soon enough!!!!
    • Steven Lombardi Nice work boys
    • Steven Lombardi Peter Pappas
    • Mark Minard any guess of the weight of the big ones?
    • Chris Pate looking good
    • Peter Pappas Nice fish boys
    • Mike Carota The last few weeks have been a great way to start off the lake season.
    • Joe Kordish I bet they had a great you have gone and spoiled them
    • Catch the Drift Mark the biggest ones are in the 12 pound range.
    • Catch the Drift Big numbers of two year olds. 2 to 4 pounds.
    • Anthony John Badham Day of a lifetime !!! Thanks Capt for an amazing day that will be engraved in our thoughts forever. Still in awe, if I had not be there I could never imagine a story like that.... Like Arnold says I'll Be Back !!!
    • Catch the Drift Thanks Anthony John Badham. I'm glad you hit it right 😀😀😀. LOCKED !!!!
    • Johnna Flanders Oh my god Huge
    • Peter Cornacchio Jr. Fantastic fishery well taken care of the numbers speak for themselves Great job gentlemen!!!!
    • Brady Stoffer Nice fish for sure! If u hold that first one out any further u might tip over muahahaha
    • Greg Prestosh Some real nice fish boys.
    • Kendall Shorkey Has the mercury level dropped since all the big car factories have left Detroit?
  • Posted 6 days ago

    The brown trout just keep coming one after another. Released to fight another day.

  • Posted 7 days ago

    Afternoon trip is another crushfest. One after another and some large mixed in. :). Released to fight another day.

  • Posted 9 days ago

    Not starting the lake boat for another week and a half. So I have some open days now for the drift boat. April 18,22,23,24,25 are open for brown trout or steelhead if the river comes down. Let me know if anyone is interested ?

  • Posted 10 days ago

    Brutal southwest winds today made it a little tougher for Don and Kirk. We could not grab any large ones, a bunch of rainbows and a ton of two year old brown trout. I won't mention the nice steelhead that was in the net, in the boat, then out of the net, out of the boat with my crusher lure. Oh well should of had it on video.

    • Seth Coon Are spring limits different? Thought it was 1 trout?
    • Stephen Shen Those are browns. The limit is 3 per person per day. You are thinking about steelhead which the limit is 1 person per day over 21"
    • Rose Fox Nice looking trout
  • Posted 11 days ago

    Todd and Jason with a few silver ones for the grill. Constant action the entire trip. :).

  • Posted 11 days ago

    Jason with a large variety. Many 2 year olds with a few large in the land of Oswego. Released to fight another day.

  • Posted 12 days ago

    Stayed on my home turf today. Lots of bites, but not many bigger fish.

    • Richard Kirk Did you bring the rubber net this time lol
    • Bob Mitchell I had the rods with the rubber hooks, they only stayed on until you touched the rod. Still a great time!

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